Playgrounds should be an way to develop a kid’s creativity – not just an energy zapper.

In today’s  playground equipment industry it seems more thought is being put on kids expending energy instead of learning while they play. While it’s extremely important for kids to get the proper amount of exercise, develop strength and motor skills; it’s equally necessary that they develop their brain while they enjoy the outdoors. More thought is put on going to and fro instead than building critical and logical thinking skills. It’s time for the playground industry to re-check what it considers its main goal – to make playground equipment that tires kids or inspires them.

Take for example the commercial playground equipment offered by Playtopia, they develop the perfect combination of physical and mental exertion by providing equipment that includes activities that develop strength while building up logic and reason. They can take an every day playground and turn it into a play environment that provides social development and cooperation as well as the necessity of patience and turn taking.

Encouraging kids to dig deeper can be a difficult task, but when you can involve play into the learning experience kids not only learn concepts faster – they embed a lasting impression. When outdoor play equipment can encourage kids to have a passion for learning, that’s when the playground becomes an classroom outdoors.

The playground should also be a place where kids can become one with the world around them. Natural play is where the future of the playground is headed. Developing elements of a play environment that allow kids to interact with nature and its elements instills in a kid the necessity of the world that exists around us and how it is as necessary to us as we are to it. Items such as planters, sand and water activities, are just a few that can provide opportunities to interact with nature. Children enjoy nothing more than to get their hands and feet dirty. Let them do that with playground environments that encourage this type of play.

Another venture in which the playground can become more than just a slide or a sliding pole is by incorporating themed play. Just think of a playground bulit as a tot-sized town equipped with a police station, fire station, post office, and even a gas station with pumps! When you can create an world that builds up a child’s imagination then you’re really on to something far more reaching than what a traditional playground has to offer.

The ultimate playground comes when you can bring all of these different sections of play together into one huge environment that builds up all of the necessary elements of child development that this blog post. It is then you’ve not only created a play structure that will encourage your kids, but you’ve created a play environment that will help develop a well-rounded child.